"Reading the story of my grandfather’s life meant so much to me. Although I never got to meet my grandfather, I feel like I know exactly what was important to him and why he is so sorely missed by my grandmother and all who knew him."


"Your product is incredible. My Yesterday was easy to use and allowed me to easily capture what was important in my mother’s life. It’s a book that will become one of my family’s most prized possessions."


Just answer a few questions and our program will automatically write your story.

As a comprehensive story generation tool, the automated software creates biographies, cherished memories, and irreplaceable snapshots of history.

Preserving the stories of generations

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Flexible Solutions for Preserving Memories

Unlike other programs on the market, the My Yesterday software takes the work off your hands. The automated technology writes and generates an individualized narrative based off of family-provided information

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Bring together stories and pictures to create a keepsake worthy of your most treasured memories.

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Select the categories you would like to include within your My Yesterday and hit continue. The system will ask you questions regarding each in order to write your My Yesterday.

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With simple navigation you can easily write a story, upload images to create a slideshow, picture book or My Yesterday.

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The program is simple to navigate through and allows you to customize what was important in the life of the honoree.

My Yesterday chapters allow you to capture an entire life; from younger years through the later years and allows you to associate pictures with each stage of life.

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The My Yesterday program will weave your answers to our questions into a written story.


The My Yesterday program lets you personalize content, add photos, create slideshows, and truly make your book as unique as the your loved one.

Multiple Products to enjoy

The total cost of My Yesterday includes access to our program, a hardbound book, a picture book, and a video slideshow. Now 30% off!